Maranatha Baptist Academy seeks to prepare high school students for both the rigors of college and career readiness. Located on a college campus, MBA is uniquely suited to provide a wide range of learning opportunities that enhance the educational experience. For the most comprehensive information on our academic program, see the Academy handbook.

General Course Schedule

Cultural GeographyWorld HistoryUS HistoryGovernment & Economics
Algebra 1Algebra 2Algebra 3 or GeometryCalculus* or Geometry
Physical ScienceBiologyChemistry*Physics*
PE and Computer ApplicationsSpeech 1Spanish 1Spanish 2* or Speech 2
Band & ChoirBand & ChoirBand & ChoirBand & Choir

*Indicates that Honors credit may be given. See “Honors Courses” for further information.

Graduation Requirements

Bible4 creditsComputer1 credit
English4 creditsSpanish 11 credit
Math3 creditsSpeech 11 credit
Science3 creditsPhysical Education.5 credit
Social Studies3 creditsElectives4.5 credits
Total: 25 credits

Admission Policies

Maranatha Baptist Academy admits students of any race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities made available to students at the school. MBA reserves the right to deny enrollment to a student or family whose religious, moral, ethical, doctrinal, and/or worldview positions are not consistent with the beliefs of Maranatha Baptist University and Maranatha Baptist Academy. MBA reserves the right to deny enrollment to a student whose specialized learning needs do not align with the resources the school is able to provide. Prior school records, recommendations from previous teachers/admin, achievement and placement tests, and personal interactions with the student are used in making such decisions.

The following steps must be completed for enrollment in the Academy:

  • Students are tentatively accepted at the Academy after an initial interview with the administration.
  • Final acceptance is dependent upon completion of all application forms, including reference forms, transcripts/school records, the physical examination form, results of any necessary placement testing, and payment of the application fee.
  • The parents or guardians are required to sign the Statement of Cooperation and the student also must sign the Student’s Code of Conduct. The admission procedure cannot be finalized without completion of these forms.
  • Students must faithfully attend and participate in the services of a church of like faith and practice as Maranatha’s partnering churches. Services include Sunday school, Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening.

College Credit

Academy students have the opportunity to receive credits for college-level courses through Maranatha Baptist University and other institutions with administrative approval. MBA students have the unique opportunity of taking in-person college courses right here on the campus at Maranatha Baptist University.  MBU also offers online college courses through Maranatha Online, and these 8-week courses may also be considered for dual enrollment opportunities.

To be considered a full-time student (eligible for sports, school productions, etc…), an MBA student must be enrolled in a minimum of five Academy classes per day, per semester and must attend chapel. An MBA student is limited to taking no more than six college credit hours per semester. MBU offers full-time MBA students a discount rate for dual enrollment courses taken during the academic year ($100 per credit) up to six credits per academic year (summer sessions do not receive this discount). Dual enrollment tuition, fees, and course expenses are not covered through MBA tuition, fees, or the Choice Voucher program. Students are responsible for college tuition charges and course expenses (textbook, lab fees, classroom materials, etc.) and should make arrangements for taking college or dual enrollment courses through the MBU Registrar’s Office.

For college and dual enrollment courses, consideration is given to the curriculum scope of courses, the amount of direct instruction time, and the amount of learning time to ensure a course provides equivalent coverage of content. A full-year high school course may be replaced with a one-semester, face-to-face, residential college course. A student may also take online courses to replace a high school course. A full-year high school course may be replaced by two 8-week online courses through Maranatha Online. Administrative approval for dual enrollment plans should be sought prior to registering for dual enrollment courses. Below are several approved dual enrollment options in keeping with the above criteria.

MBA CourseHigh School Credits to be EarnedEligible Course Combinations for Dual Enrollment (1/2 credit each)Credits to be Added to High School Transcript
US History1US History I + US History II1
Bible 121Old Testament Survey + New Testament Survey1
English 121English Composition I + British Literature Survey I*1
Physics1Concepts in Physics + Concepts in Biochemistry1
Chemistry1Human Biology + Concepts in Biochemistry1
Algebra III1College Algebra + PreCalculus1
Calculus1PreCalculus + Calculus1

*indicates a pre-requisite of English Composition II

More information about dual enrollment can be found in the Academics section of the Student Handbook.

Honors Courses

MBA offers several courses in which Honors credit may be granted. These courses are designed to be highly rigorous and push the student beyond typical high school academic expectations. Honors credits are weighted on a 5.0 scale, allowing a student’s GPA to advance beyond the typical 4.0 scale. A student receiving Honors credits has the potential to distinguish himself or herself by receiving a high GPA and thereby becoming eligible for additional academic awards. Honors credits are given for courses that meet the following criteria: 1) the course is taken above and beyond required courses/credits for graduation, 2) the course is taken for the entire school year, 3) the course is designed from a curriculum standpoint to push the student toward college-level rigor.

Transfer Credits

As an accredited institution, MBA guards its academic credibility very closely. This credibility extends to the transfer process when accepting students from other schools or from homeschool backgrounds. To maintain academic credibility, MBA requires transfer students to supply documentation such as official transcripts, course descriptions, course syllabi, and achievement testing reports. Course credits may be transferred through an official school transcript (if transferring from another school) or by supplying MBA with credible course syllabi and course descriptions (from the course and/or curriculum publisher), and homeschool records (if transferring from homeschool). Transfer credits and letter grades may be transferred to a student’s MBA transcript at the discretion of the administration. Courses taken during middle school are not transferrable. While credits may be transferred to the transcript, grades and credits earned outside of MBA are not given GPA weight at MBA.


The students of Maranatha Baptist Academy have the privilege of participating in the WACS (Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools) Fine Arts, Bible, and Academic meet each year. Students have the opportunity to compete in the areas of Speech, Music, Bible, Academics, Bible Quiz, Debate, and other Fine Arts.

MBA is also a member of the American Association of Christian Schools and is eligible to participate in the AACS National Competition held in the spring.