Wisconsin Private School Choice Program

Maranatha Baptist Academy participates in the Wisconsin Private School Choice Program (WPCP). This voucher system allows students in the state of Wisconsin to attend a private school of their choice utilizing state funds. The application period for new participants in the WPCP begins in February and ends in April. For the 2024-25 school year, parents will be able to apply to schools for the WPCP from February 1, 2024 to April 18, 2024. Although new applications are handled on a lottery system and not on a first-come, first-served basis, new families are encouraged to apply for the WPCP as early as possible. Families already in the voucher program are required to re-apply for the program each year.

Applications for the Choice program are handled entirely through the Department of Public Instruction. More information on the WPCP program and the application for the WPCP can be located here. A tutorial video for completing the Choice program application may be viewed here.

Once a family applies and is approved for a WPCP voucher, the DPI will communicate with MBA on collecting the necessary forms to verify income and home address. A Voucher family must complete the MBA School Application through Sycamore to solidify their intention to enroll at MBA and to be approved as a voucher recipient. Existing families will need to complete the re-enrollment process through Sycamore to solidify their intention to re-enroll and to be approved as a voucher recipient.

All new students seeking enrollment with MBA complete a placement test through a third-party testing service. The cost for this testing is paid by the family seeking enrollment and is paid prior to the test being administered. Placement testing provides MBA with an indication of the student’s level of preparation for the academic program as well as the likelihood of his or her success at MBA. The applying student and a parent are also required to meet with the school administrator to discuss potential enrollment, answer questions, and determine enrollment eligibility.

Voucher funds provided through the Choice program cover the tuition and instructional-fee costs associated with full-time enrollment in MBA courses at Maranatha Baptist Academy. Athletic fees, music lessons, graduation fees, and miscellaneous costs, such as Fine Arts attire, are not covered by the voucher. The true per-student cost of full-time enrollment at MBA exceeds the amount of full-time tuition charged, and additional costs of enrollment are absorbed by Maranatha Baptist University as a ministry service. Voucher funds may not be used to provide for costs associated with dual enrollment, college tuition, or costs associated with such offerings.

MBA reserves the right to deny enrollment to any applicant. Reasons for denying enrollment may include, but are not limited to, indications that the applicant or the family are not philosophically and/or theologically aligned with MBA and/or indications that the applicant is not academically prepared to be successful at MBA.