Student Conduct

Proverbs 25:28 speaks of self-governance which comes through maturity. It is the purpose of the disciplinary system at MBA to aid young people in the development of Christian character. A firm, reasonable, and just system of discipline is maintained at MBA and, in order to accomplish this, all faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to deal personally with offenders. Only faculty or staff can submit detentions or demerits.

Maranatha Baptist Academy strives for full cooperation from both students and parents. MBA seeks to partner with parents to lead and guide students in their daily walk with the Lord. Students at MBA are expected to maintain a Christ-like attitude. Attendance at MBA is a privilege. Because attendance is a privilege, we ask that both students and parents carefully read, sign, and support the Parents’ Statement of Cooperation. Any student found to be in direct opposition to the standards set at MBA will be disciplined accordingly and may be dismissed from the Academy.

If a student brings a problem home, parents should encourage the student to go immediately to the teacher involved so that a positive resolution to the situation may be achieved. If the problem is not completely resolved, the parent should call the Academy administrator for assistance in addressing the issue.

Any infraction of a regulation carries a measure of consequence or discipline. Infractions may result in, but may not be limited to, demerits, detentions, loss of privileges, suspension from school, expulsion, or some other penalty as determined by the teacher, parents, or administrator.

Classroom discipline will be maintained by the teacher and the administration. If in the opinion of the administration, a student manifests a destructive influence or spirit contrary to the purposes and principles for which the Academy exists, the student shall be subject to dismissal even though he may not have broken any specific rules or regulations.