Academy Boys’ Dress Code

Athletic Dress
Appropriate for sports participation (including PE class) and Fitness Center Gym.


  • Athletic pants or knee-length loose-fitting shorts
  • T-shirts with sleeves
  • Official team uniforms
  • Athletic dress may not be worn in Old Main, the Dining Hall Complex, or the library


Casual Dress
Appropriate for on or off-campus activities and athletic games.


  • Jeans and athletic pants
    • No shorts, pajama pants, or cotton sweat pants, please
  • T-shirts with sleeves
  • Athletic shoes, boots, etc…
  • Necklaces are not permitted for class or casual dress


Class Dress
Required for a school day.


  • Clothing should be professional in nature rather than casual or childish.
  • Dress pants, Dockers style pants or non-blue colored jeans
  • Collared shirt tucked in
  • Belt
  • Casual or athletic shoes with socks
  • Hoodies or sweatshirts may be MBA promotional items or have branding/images/logos smaller than a hand
  • Necklaces are not permitted for class or casual dress


Semiformal and Formal Dress
Required for banquets, plays, concerts, and when announced.


  • Concert attire
  • Suits, sports coats, or tuxedos
  • Dress shirt
  • Tie or bow tie
  • Belt or suspenders
  • Dress shoes and dress socks


General Guidelines

  • Hair must be a non-dyed, natural color and cut in a traditional, conservative style, tapered, and must be above the collar, off the ears, above the eyebrows, and may not exceed more than 2″ from the scalp. Bleached or dyed hair, etching, and other faddish styles are not permitted.
  • Men are to be clean-shaven
  • Clothing should not be ripped, patched, torn, or inappropriately faded
  • Tattoos, body piercing, and body branding are not permitted
  • Necklaces are not permitted.
  • ID and medical alert bracelets may be worn

Note: Due to the blatant endorsement of nudity, promiscuity, and an immoral lifestyle by Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister Co. – as evidenced by their catalog and general advertising – MBA deems it necessary and appropriate to not permit any clothing that bears the name, trademarks, or other visible evidence of association with Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co.