A student may be in jeopardy of expulsion from the Academy for the following reasons:

  • The accumulation of 150 demerits in one semester.
  • The accumulation of 120 demerits during a semester of disciplinary probation.
  • The manifestation of a destructive influence or spirit contrary to the purposes and principles for which the Academy exists.
  • Committing an expellable offense (see demerit list).

Students who have been expelled must make arrangements for immediate departure, taking all personal belongings with them. They may not return to the campus during the semester in which they are expelled unless special permission is granted by the administration. The student may re-enroll in the Academy after the expiration of the semester of expulsion, plus one additional semester. The student must then receive permission from the administration to re-enroll.

If a student is expelled during the final week of a semester, they may be allowed to take their exams in the Administrator’s office.