Dress Code

Appearance is a very recognizable part of one’s testimony, and I Timothy 4:12 challenges us to be an example in all areas of life. We desire our students to be glorifying and pleasing to God (I Corinthians 10:31). The dress code at MBA stresses that students be modest, neat, and appropriate in their attire. We ask that support is given to the application of the dress code understanding that some aspects reflect institutional preferences. As part of the MBU campus, MBA students are expected to adhere to dress code expectations anytime they are on the MBU campus or at an MBA- or MBU-sponsored function. Dress policies are intended to maintain a standard that is conducive to learning, professional, above reproach, and easy to understand and enforce. Clothing and hairstyles that are identified with culturally stigmatized fashions and activities are not allowed.

This handbook and dress code are in no way intended to limit teachers’ or the administration’s responsibility to ensure that MBA students conduct and dress themselves within the philosophical framework described above. No one handbook can possibly foresee every fashion or fad that will arise, nor does MBA seek to provide an exhaustive rulebook outlining every possible item of clothing or style of deportment that is acceptable or unacceptable. Wide discretion is given to staff in the day-to-day oversight of dress code and behavior appropriateness.