Maranatha Baptist Academy was founded in 1973 as a ministry of Maranatha Baptist University due to the vision of Dr. B. Myron Cedarholm. Maranatha Baptist Academy was started to meet a growing demand for a Christian high school, as well as, to provide a quality Christian education for university faculty and staff children.

By the late ’70s and early ’80s, the Academy was developing an identity of its own. The rooms on Old Main’s second floor became full-time Academy classrooms. Lockers were added, and the walls were painted in school colors and symbols. Special rooms were designated for Academy dorm students.

By the mid ’80s and into the ’90s, MBA had become fairly independent from the university in administration, operation, and daily activities. The high school moved into the lower level of Old Main with five brand new classrooms and four office areas. Several facilities such as the library, gym, and computer labs are still shared with the university, and these facilities serve to greatly enhance the college-preparatory education of MBA students. Maranatha Baptist Academy has always stressed strong academics, and Bible classes have remained part of the core curriculum.

Sports and music are an important part of Academy student life. Concert choir, concert band, hand chimes choir, speech, and drama classes are options, as is the annual Academy play. Students can participate in sports through soccer, volleyball, and basketball teams.

Since the founding of MBA, over 900 graduates have received diplomas from MBA. The success of the school is reflected through its graduates: missionaries, pastors, teachers, and others who are successful in careers and secular fields while serving faithfully in local churches.