Technology at MBA

Bring Your Own Device

Maranatha Baptist Academy is located on a modern college campus, and therefore students at MBA have access to some of the best educational technology available. MBA encourages students to bring electronic learning devices to school but reserves the right to monitor student activity when it comes to technology. During school hours, electronic learning devices (i.e. Chromebooks, laptop computers) are permitted to be used for learning activities only. Gaming, video streaming, etc… for entertainment during school hours is not permitted. MBA utilizes the GSuite learning platform and also provides each student with a Microsoft Office 365 license. The computer network on our campus is filtered and monitored by the MBU Student Life Office in coordination with the Maranatha Baptist University Information Technology department.

By enrolling at MBA, students and families agree to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) when it comes to the use of technology both on and off campus. Students in violation of the AUP are subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Student Life Office of MBU and the discipline system of MBA.

Recommended Devices and Specifications

To maximize productivity and enhance learning opportunities at our school, MBA desires that learning devices brought to school be equipped with an external, physical keyboard, webcam, microphone, and a screen of at least 11 inches (diagonal). The device we highly recommend to meet these guidelines is the Chromebook, a lightweight, cloud-based laptop device that is designed with school use in mind.

A few of the best features of the Chromebook are its quick start-up ability (a matter of seconds), its long-lasting battery, its secure, maintenance-free operating system, and its lack of costly software. Chromebooks are manufactured by all major computer companies and are often less expensive than conventional laptops.

The MBA cellphone policy is for phones to be in silent mode and stored in lockers during class. Phones may be used for learning opportunities in class at the discretion of the teacher, but are otherwise not permitted during classroom settings, chapel, and assemblies. Essentially, a phone is not considered a learning device in the context of technology for learning at MBA.

Helpful Links

  • Before purchasing a Chromebook, we recommend parents consider the Auto Update Policy of the manufacturer located here.
  • MBA also asks that parents and students consider that while the MBU IT Department is committed to excellent customer service, extensive assistance with out-dated or antiquated devices cannot be provided. The MBU IT Department offers several helpful considerations for purchasing a traditional laptop or desktop computer here.