Junior-Senior Banquet

This is a special event in the spring set aside for juniors, seniors, and faculty to go to a designated banquet hall. The students usually wear semi-formal attire. The junior class organizes, decorates, provides music, and includes a fun presentation to honor the seniors. Everyone enjoys both the food and the special speaker chosen for this annual event.


Fall Concert

The Academy Concert Choir, Concert Band, Ministry Team, Percussion Ensemble, and drama class presents a special Fall concert each year in the Maranatha Gymnasium.

Spring Concert

This music and speech presentation is always a highlight of the school year. The Academy Concert Choir, Concert Band, WACS ensembles, Ministry Team, and drama and speech students will be involved in the program.


Car Wash

The juniors and seniors host a free car wash in the fall, and juniors and sophomores host one in the spring. The students get pledges per car washed and donations are also accepted.

Senior Work Day

Seniors take a day in the fall and spring to do various jobs, such as raking leaves, cleaning windows, pulling out tree stumps, cleaning up yards. They receive donations from the homeowners to be applied toward their senior trip.

Singing Valentines

Every year the Juniors sell singing Valentines on Valentine’s Day (or the Friday before) to earn money for the Junior/Senior Banquet.


Each year, Academy students have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of a dramatic production. The 2010 Academy play was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Jr.

Senior trip

A highlight of an Academy student’s senior year is the senior trip, designed especially for each year’s senior class. Together with their adult sponsors, the students travel to interesting and educational destinations. Recent senior trips have included stops at The Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.