Senior Trip Information

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Friday, April 24Load bus – leave school parking lot at 7:30 a.m.
Stay near Youngstown, OH
Saturday, April 25Metro into Washington DC
Arrive mid-afternoon: Arlington Cemetery and Monuments
Supper downtown
Arrive at hotel (stay here until Sunday)
Sunday, April 26Attend church in the morning
Take Metro into Washington DC
See Smithsonian museums, Holocaust museum and other points of interest
Leave in the evening and drive to Harrisonburg, VA
Monday, April 27Travel to the Wilds
Arrive in the afternoon for first event -- supper
Tuesday, April 28Wilds activities
Wednesday, April 29Whitewater rafting
Fun time after supper
Thursday, April 30Wilds activities
Friday, May 1Leave for home
Arrive in Watertown around 11:00 p.m.
Chaperones:Lane and Karen Hansel 864.906.0480


A. Luggage

1. Luggage should be limited to a suitcase, a carry-on, and bedding.
2. Pack carefully, each person will be responsible for his or her own personal belongings.

B. Clothing

1. Ladies
a. Loose fitting slacks, athletic pants, capris or knee length shorts may be worn.
b. Please make sure that all tops are modest. No sleeveless tops.
c. Skirt and nice top for Sunday morning services.

2. Men
a. Appropriate jeans, athletic pants, or knee length shorts and casual shirts in good condition.
No tank tops.
b. Collared shirt and khakis for Sunday services.

3. General items
a. Bring shoes that you can walk in comfortably.
b. A light coat or jacket is recommended.
c. If your dress does not meet the above standards, you will be asked to change.

C. Items to Bring,

1. Bible and notebook.
2. Camera.
3. Money for meals.

D. Emergency Contact



A. Personal Responsibility

1. Students are not be unaccompanied or to leave the group without permission of a sponsor.
2. Students are encouraged to be an effective testimony throughout the entire trip in their conduct
and attitude.
3. Students need to be on time.

B. Special Health Problems

If you have special health problems or medications, please let the sponsors know prior to leaving (car sickness, diabetes, allergies, asthma, epilepsy, etc.). Any illness or accident on the trip needs to be reported to a sponsor.

C. Visitors on the Trip

Any arrangements to meet friends or family along the way need to be made with the sponsors. No student is allowed to leave the group to go with a friend or family member.Visits need to be short and limited so as to not interfere with the plans and purpose of the trip.

The group can’t be put under any pressure to change travel plans or places or wait for connections to be made. There is a tight schedule in DC and everyone must stay together as a group in order to maximize the time.


A. Rooms

1. Please be respectful of other guests at the motels. Students are asked to stay in their own rooms after 10:30 PM.
2. Once in your rooms, students will be expected to be quiet and get the rest needed for the next day’s activities.
3. Students are asked not to go out of their rooms at the motels in garments that are inappropriate.
4. Each member will be expected to exercise special care of motel furnishings and equipment. You will also be expected to leave the room in order and to respect the rights of other guests.
5. Clean up your rooms before departing – checking carefully for personal items. We cannot return for items left at the motel.
6. Guys are not to be in girls’ rooms; girls are not to be in guys’ rooms.